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I suppose I should explain these "silly parodies". I really enjoy making fun of myself so I decided to have some fun with Garage Band and made up a song about being broke, after I had made an audition video to be on The Bachelor. Then quarantine it and I had tons of time on my hands to do more! I wish I had a full crew help me with these but this was the best I could produce on my own. 

"Just Lose It" Parody

"Just Lose It" Parody

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Just Lose It

This parody was done at the end of the summer in 2020, so it definitely shares my political views as well as my awesome rap skills.

Quaratina Lipa

Everyone remembers quarantine right? I had to let off some creative steam with this parody...and get the hell out of town.

Party with Carly

Just a parody joking about having no money since Cardi B brags about all her money in this song. 

Shake it Off

Awww, my first parody! It has a very special place in my heart because this was my audition tape to get on The Bachelor with Ben Higgins season 11! I got SO far in the process with this video. The producers loved it and could not stop talking about it, but ultimately I was not asked to be on the show for supposed "compatibility" issues which I think is BS because I doubt they actually try to match them. They are just casting a show. No hate though, this got me into doing more parodies!

I'm Just a Human

My Claim to Fame parody was something I had to make because of all the attention my meltdown got. I own it and take full responsibility for the outburst!
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