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Carly Reeves is an American actress, born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. She grew up in Reseda with her mother and sister until she was 14, then moved to the “west side” residing in the Pacific Palisades through high school. Having grown up with a family who were constantly in the Hollywood spotlight, she realized quickly the discipline and commitment it took to be successful in this industry. Looking up to her family for guidance and direction, she began to focus on her training and career.


She graduated from the all-girls Catholic Marymount High School before attending UCLA, which happened to be across the street! She then attended classes at the School of Theater, Film, and Television, beginning in Musical Theater and ending with the acting track. She was exposed to impressive teachers such as Michael Hackett, Paul Wagar, Nick Gunn, Linda Kerns, and Judy Moreland. 


While in college, she got her first movie role in Raise Your Voice playing Kelly, the mean girl opposite Hilary Duff. There she got to utilize her singing skills in a few scenes. Shortly after that she worked with Mike Nichols (!!) on Charlie Wilson’s War as the “Slave Girl”. Sometime during college, she picked up a series regular for a USC web series called Broken At Love,  which has continued for 3 seasons. She plays the lead’s best friend and confidant.


Carly was always doing shows at local theaters such as Theater Palisades where she played Claire in Proof  and the Powerhouse Theater, where she played her favorite role, Angel, in a production called Wounded. She became part of the Los Angeles Theater Ensemble.


While playing dramatic theatrical roles help her to dig deep,  she is most notable for her comedic characters. Carly loves to create characters and do sketch comedy so she worked on several YouTube sketches with her friend Sam Macaroni and took a sketch writing class at UCB to hone her writing skills for shows at the Strait Jacket Society in Hollywood, where she performed 2 shows: Curious Noises and Swipe Right, Damnit. Her best contribution to those sketch performances were the musical parodies she wrote. “Black and Yellow” by Wiz Khalifa was transformed to “I’m Milano”, a song about being black on the inside, but white on the outside. In addition she wrote a parody of One Directions song, “Story of my Life”, which talked about all the not-so-fulfilling parts about choosing a life as an actor.


In between doing Sketch comedy and local theater, Carly booked a small part on Nip/Tuck during the height of its popularity with a risqué scene.  A few years later, she worked along side her uncle, Tom Hanks, in Larry Crowne.


She decided to make a big decision and move to New York to pursue theater. She joined Equity and enjoyed pursuing a new career in theater. However, 2 years later she moved back to be with her new and growing family with a new nephew. 

Her latest and favorite biggest role was "Nancy" in Philophobia: Or The Fear of Falling in Love. She plays a wild, intense, loud, obnoxious, coke whore! It's fabulous. You can check it out on Amazon. 


She is currently living in Hollywood, where she continues to find more success in Film, TV, and Theater.

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